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Sponsor us

We are actively seeking sponsorship opportunities at Shinfield Cricket Club, a club in your vicinity, serving the local community for over 123 years with a thriving and growing Youth section.

About Shinfield Cricket Club

Our ethos is one of inclusion, develop budding talent and, above all, foster a life-long love for cricket which we believe will serve our youngsters to develop into fine, responsible and engaged citizens.

  • 80 Junior Players
  • 50+ Adult Players
  • 250 Facebook contacts
  • 5 Corporate Tournaments
  • 1,000+ weekly footfall at the club during season

We play two adult teams in the Berkshire Cricket League and 5 Youth teams from ages of 7 to 17 also playing at all levels in the league. We have grown some excellent talent with young cricketers training and playing at Berkshire County level, a real testament to the success of the club and the commitment of our coaches. Our ground is a busy place from May through to August with matches and training on several days every week.

The Future

Our Youth section has now grown rapidly over the years. We have been overwhelmed with the interest and we expect this to continue with over 1,000 homes being built in Shinfield over the coming 2 years. While we raise subscriptions from our players, the overwhelming response means that our facilities have reached saturation point. We believe that raising subscription fees further will make it unaffordable and put off families in participating in the sport.

Rather than turning away youngsters who deserve to be nurtured into sportsmen and sportswomen, we are now raising funds to improve facilities. This involves additional equipment (e.g., nets), to increase utilisation of our playing field.

How you can get involved and support your local community

We want you as an organisation local to the Shinfield area to support and sponsorship. Every small proportion (£250+) of our target we are given will often enable us to access further grant and match funding, as you know, every penny helps.

All significant sponsorship or donations would allow local advertisement at our ground, at Millworth lane, our Facebook page and on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  If you believe in what we are doing, both for our children and local sport, I would be very pleased to talk with you.  Please respond, with your indications of support to the address or email (shinfieldcc@gmail.com ) above.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our chairman David Hare

Sponsor us